Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions if you plan on purchasing from FLO-MAC, Inc.

Inquiries and orders solicited only from recognized pipe and fittings distributors. Quotations, unless otherwise specified, are valid for 30 days and are subject to price and availability of raw materials at time of order. Payment terms are net 30 days from invoice date.


Any shipment shortage, request for return, or cancellation of placed orders all must be presented in writing a maximum of 10 days after receiving shipment and are subject to the consent of FLO-MAC, Inc. All orders are subject to the approval of FLO-MAC, Inc.


All shipments are FOB from our plant in Los Angeles unless otherwise stated at time of inquiry. FLO-MAC, Inc. reserves the option of making partial shipments against placed orders and to invoice for same with terms as stated above.


FLO-MAC, Inc. warranties its products to be free of known defects in workmanship. The warranty guarantees free replacement or refund of the original purchase price for any item which fails to meet the standard under which it was sold, provided such items were properly handled and installed.


FLO-MAC, Inc. shall not be liable for any further consequential or contingent damages and is not responsible for any delays, defaults, or damages, due to causes whatsoever beyond FLO-MAC, Inc.'s control


Have Questions???
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